Speeches That Changed the World II (2019)

Speeches That Changed the World: Life (Words) Death

Presented by The Arts House



Catch charismatic veteran actors Nora Samosir and Remesh Panicker as they perform dramatic readings of speeches that take you on a brisk journey through life’s big and little moments in thirty minutes.

*While the performances is free, you may reserve a seat in advance for $5 to avoid disappointment.


The version in 2018.

Part of the Light to Night Festival 2018@ The Arts House


Catch charismatic veteran actor Remesh Panicker as he reads selected significant speeches in the Chamber, a site where policies were once debated and made in Singapore. Expect inspirational speeches by influential figures from around the world.  Conceptualized and directed by Jeffrey Tan.

Some feedback from the audience

“I liked the strength and form in the voice of the speaker. I loved the music that accompanies the speech.”

“Liked the speeches curated – good variety of topics. I just wish the excerpts could have been longer and a wider variety of regions could have been represented.”

“Great production value & speaker. Although speeches could span a longer period.”



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