Intergenerational Theatre Work

In 2019,  i built on the Intergeneration work with NTUC Active Ageing Hub to collaborate with NTUC My First Skool kindergarten!

Legend of Bukit Merah

An intergenerational theatre about sacrifice and community living.

Experienced Theatre Director Jeffrey Tan will lead the seniors and kindergarten children to explore the themes in the Legend of Bukit Merah.  Using found objects, the participants will explore presenting the story at Kampong Admiralty.

The objectives of this intergenerational project are:

  1. To foster communication between the different age groups.
  2. To explore presenting the different characters with both seniors and young children on the same stage.

Which aspects of the local legend will appeal to the participants?

How can the different generations relate to this legend?


Pamphlet (Legend of Bukit Merah) V2INTERGEN DRAMA Project_R1 190309


In 2018,  I worked with 20 seniors and 5 youths at Kampung Admiralty exploring Happiness in ‘Its A Happy Happy World!’  It was a joy to collaborate with Somatic Artist Vincent Yong, and young stage managers Yoke Kay and Huang Leng!  Set Designer Eve Tan is also involved!

It was a fulfilling experience preparing each group to talk to each other.

What is Happiness? How do we find happiness? What makes us happy?

They presented their creation on 8th and 9th Sept 2018, 1 pm and 2 pm and the 100 Mirrors exhibition from 3 to 12 September 2018 at Kampung Admiralty at the National Arts Council’s Silver Arts Festival 2018!  The exhibition also travelled to Asia Square.

Post event publication!



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