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Into the Blue Forest

A new production by Jeffrey Tan

Commissioned by the Artground

Premiered on 25, 26 and 27 May 2018


Imagine, a green tree trying to stand out in a busy green forest.

Who will the tree meet?  Will the animals help?

Will the green tree ever achieve the dream of becoming a blue tree?



A new interactive, multilingual, intergenerational performance for children.  Best for 4 to 7 years old.  Inspired by the drawings by Dario Moretti and original story by Jeffrey Tan, this moving performance is limited to 60 children each performance.

This production is created with inspirations from the findings from Sept 2017 till May 2018 Residency at the Artground.  Translations workshops in Sept 2017 and a contemporary dance performance by Little Raw in Nov 2017.

Audience Survey in Jan 2018,  Design Audience Survey in Feb 2018,  and Audience Trials in Mar, Apr and May 2018 before a six-shows run in May 2018.

100 and 100 More Festival: An Interview with Jeffrey Tan (Into The Blue Forest)

Express Yourself Theatre Workshop (Batch 2) at

And so after seven sessions, the 12 ladies presented their creation to a full house friends and family!

I am so inspired by their courage, talent, wit and passion!

The next batch of workshop starts in March 2019!

Thank you



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I am a theatre director, drama educator and arts producer based in Singapore. I am very keen to collaborate, co-create, involving participation and engagement in creating socially relevant theatre.

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