Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes @ Michael Chiang & Dick Lee’s Beauty World 2015

Join us as we get close and personal with creative designers of Beauty World 2015. This three-episode interviews hosted by Jeffrey Tan (Director & Educator), interacting with different designers on their creative process of how they conceptualise their visions for Beauty World 2015.
The stage set and stage lighting are two important theatrical elements that locate the world of the musical visually for the audience. The set designer needs to translate the playwright’s imagination to a 3-D live location based in a period and the sites of the play. The lighting designer needs to creatively light the set to create the mood and focus of the scene for the audience. This behind the scenes conversation trace the set and the lighting designers’ ideation process, from sketches/models to final production.
An in-depth chat with the costumes designer, hair and make-up designers of Beauty World 2015, on bringing the 60s era fashions with a touch of modernity. Trace the costumes roots of key characters like Ivy, Rosemary, Lulu and the ‘Three Witches’ on what were the challenges of costumes, hair and make-up designs for the production?
This concluding episode delve into the creative imagination of the images, collaterals and trailer video that impact strong connection to audiences. Looking at ‘What makes an eye-catching image for successful publicity?’ ‘How can working within limited resources foster creativity?’ ‘How did the creative team develop a mini film into an award-winning trailer?’
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